About Us


About Us

We are

Cangro Agrifoods Inc.

Cangro Agrifoods Inc. is an esteemed social enterprise registered in Ontario, Canada, dedicated to offering comprehensive assistance to farmers and facilitating various agricultural endeavors. Our organization’s core mission revolves around the provision of robust agricultural management solutions tailored to every stage of farming operations. Through our comprehensive service framework, we empower farmers with the necessary tools and support required to optimize their agricultural practices and maximize their productivity.

Fuseinat Brimah - President, Cangro Foods inc

Fuseinat Brimah

Founder / CEO

Nusirat Gidado - Cangro Foods inc

Nusirat Gidado


Amina Adama

research lead

Resources Required to Grow

With our focus being to start with a ‘Proof of Concept’, this provides an opportunity to establish a controlled environment to gain knowledge that will feed into our final business and marketing plans. For the ‘Proof of Concept’, the following resources are deemed necessary

Seeds to plant

Environment to farm

All year round facility


Hydroponics and Aquaponics material for farming

Light and water system

Soil and root

Our Achievement so far

Having completed our initial proof of concept we have successfully cultivated and harvested our products both indoors and outdoors in 2021 and 2022 respectively. We have been involved in:

Product Marketing

In 2023 we went to market with an MVP minimum viable product making them available to local garden centres and ethnic grocery stores


We have devised means of effectively distributing seedlings to some farmers to grow in their own farms

Support Farmprenuers

Our women and new immigrant farmprenuers are growing their cultural seedlings produced by Cangro Agrifoods the farms


We set up for new immigrants as farmprenuers - by partnering with them to acquire farmlands, market their produce and equip them to excel in their farming business