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Farming as a service


Cangro Agrifoods Inc. is a social enterprise that was incorporated in Ontario Canada for the purpose of providing supports to farmer and farming activities.

Our professional service framework enables robust agricultural management solutions for all stages of farming

Grown Locally

Ethnic vegetables and crops are grown both on the field and in a controlled climatic environmental condition to make vegetables available all year round in Canada and United State

Social Enterprise

We educate immigrant farmers within an ecosystem while all administration is managed and delivered by us

Farming as a Service

We offer Farming as a Service concept where farmers are entrepreneurs

We aim at solving the tropical food problems

Fresh healthy ethnic vegetables and crops

The diet of the community  is balanced between root and above ground vegetables such as cassava and yam, and leaves including jute, sweet potato, and cassava leaves.

These vegetables are grown in tropical climates and imported into North America at high costs due to levies and import control by some governments. For example, Canada only allows import of yam from Ghana currently even though other countries farm the same produce.

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Cangro is owned by Africans

Why us?

We are unique

We stand out as a company led by individuals from diverse backgrounds who recognize the unmet dietary requirements of various ethnic communities in North America and Europe. We have positioned ourselves to address this concern.

Our Mission

To provide quality ethnic produce locally.

Our Vision

Create an ecosystem of educated ‘farmpreneurs’ growing their cultural produce in a clean environment that is distributed locally.

The Challenge

There are several challenges that we are looking to overcome with our solution. The challenges include but are not limited to 

War displaced immigrants that are unable to work here in Canada due to inadequate language and skill issues (traditional farmers)

Make the vegetables available to a growing population in both Canada and the United States

Cangro Green Tech

Grow the vegetables using advanced techniques in climate controlled environment (Green-tech)

Be able to distribute locally farmed vegetables with zero impact on climate

The Opportuinty

This challenge presents an opportunity for Cangro Agrifoods Inc. to exploit by resolving to address them with innovative solutions

Eliminate need to import root vegetables that are the staple food for the African and Caribbean communities in North America (this group of people were further recognized when the Canadian government made available special funding for Black-Owned and Black-Led Enterprises)

Contribute to achieving net-zero carbon emission by growing locally in farms located in geographical areas within easy reach of target population

supply chain issue solved by Cangro Agric inc

Exit the supply-chain logistics issue being experienced with the current backlog in shipping

Grow fresh healthy vegetables and supply locally, reducing distance from farm to retail

Cangro Green Tech

Implement Agri-tech farming techniques such as agronomic and hydroponic farming

Create opportunities for immigrant farmers that are currently on social benefits, providing them with opportunity to work with their skillset and become independent of government support

Provide education and training to immigrant farmers within the ecosystem such as in languages and social integration.

Help these immigrants integrate into their new environments through education and training


Farming with Cangro Agrifoods Inc. has benefits to the community from farmers to consumers

The Solution

We have the opportunity to investigate several options

Next Steps

The next steps are



Undertake a Proof of Concept study (together with education institution).



Grow sample root and above ground vegetables as part of study to provide knowledge including yield times and growth requirements.



Conduct market study for better understanding of market distribution needs.



Recruit farmers.

Cangro AgriFoods Inc.

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Days to go
3 - 3244 Walker Road Windsor, Ontario N8W 3R8
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